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Public Outreach

Social Media


Example social media posts I have published on my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts and the Elephant Listening Project's Facebook page:

Thermal video timelapse of Dzanga Bai (Twitter)

*The video footage was collected by me and I created the video as well.

The complexities behind illegal hunting in Central Africa (Instagram)

*The photo was taken by me and I wrote the caption myself.

World Elephant Day video (Facebook)

*All video footage was taken by other people (except for the section between 1:04-1:08 which I recorded) and I created the video and associated script.

Example Blog Post

Humble Awakenings - Medium Blog Post

*This is an example blog post which I wrote for Medium while conducting field work at Dzanga Bai, Central African Republic, in 2018.


Engagement with Mongabay

I have worked with Mongabay, an environmental news source, on both a podcast and commentary.

Podcast: Listening to elephants to protect Central Africa's tropical forests

*I was interviewed for this podcast in 2020. You can listen to a snippet of the podcast between 17:23-20:58.

Commentary: To conserve the vibrant diversity of Central Africa’s forests, include Indigenous people

*I independently wrote this commentary and submitted it to Mongabay as a commentary where it was published in 2022.

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