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Unlock the secrets of the skies with BirdNET


The advent of smartphone apps has revolutionized our lives, from finding love with a swipe to adjusting the thermostat from anywhere. Now, BirdNET is here to unlock the secrets of the skies!


BirdNET is a free, revolutionary sound identification app available in 13 languages on both Android and iOS. Using it, you can identify over 3,000 bird species across North America and Europe, no expert skills needed! Join millions in exploring avian ecology, mapping migration patterns, contributing to citizen science, and deepening your own connection with nature.


With cutting-edge algorithms and a user-friendly interface, BirdNET records and transmits audio to provide precise species identification and descriptive confidence scores. And using the Live Submissions Map, you can explore observations of different species over space and time, witnessing how their ecology informs their location and activity, like this Tennessee warbler who has recently found its way to its June breeding grounds in the boreal forests of Canada (© Chris S. Wood/Macaulay Library).


BirdNET breaks barriers to birdwatching, promoting conservation and connecting us with our environment. Let's foster environmental stewardship and enhance our well-being together. Download BirdNET now and tune into the magic of bird songs!


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